Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pretty Nice Day

Hiker was so funny last night. A fly had gotten into the house and she was chasing it all over the place. She would run from room to room jumping into the air trying to catch it. She'd settle down for a bit and then she'd see the fly again and I hear her galloping through the house once again. She finally cornered it in the bathroom and I was able to kill it with the fly swatter. After that, Hiker pranced around and “smiled” like she knew she had helped hunt it down. Got up around 7 am and went for a walk around our neighborhood. It was beautiful outside at that time of the morning. Came back home and had breakfast and then did a little housework. I needed to wash my Corolla since it sits in the driveway and it had gotten filthy from the last small rain. It was too hot and I was too lazy to do it myself, so after lunch I took Hiker with me down to the drive-thru car wash and got it done. I had taken her there with me before when I had the 4Runner washed and she was fine, but this time, it scared her some. Before they send you through the car wash a guy hand washes it some and then sprays it with a power washer. The power washer spraying the car is what scared her. She was jumping all over the place trying to hide from it. She was OK once we got into the car wash itself. She just sat and watched everything.

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  1. I can just imagine her chasing the fly. Great entertainment for sure.


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