Friday, July 12, 2013

Up at 6 am this morning. We went for a dog walk with Jean and her dogs and then we stopped by and picked up Patches. She belongs to our neighbor Chris who is also our community manager. The dogs then had a play date in my backyard for awhile before we all went up to Jean's. Both Hiker and Patches were going to get groomed by Jean, or as Chris says, they were going to have their “spa day”. I had Jean shave Hiker again since we will still have a couple more months of hot summer weather. Today was the first day of Hiker's new diet. Jean said she felt sorry for Hiker because she had to go and get her vaccinations yesterday, then she got a bath (which she hates) today, and on top of it all, she has to be on a diet. Hiker can't seem to understand why she is not getting any bites from my plate at lunch and dinner. I just have to keep strong and not give in to that cute face. I found out today that we are going to get a new Sizzler here in the Santa Clarita Valley. I am so glad to hear that because I love Sizzler. We had one here in our valley for years but it closed down about 15 years ago and I really missed it. Glad to know that we will have a new one here this fall. After lunch, I took Hiker over to Central Park and we did a mile and a half walk. It was 90° but didn't feel that hat because the wind was blowing. Not too many people in the park today.

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  1. Poor Hiker having to be on a diet. I sympathize.


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