Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cloudy/Muggy Day

Slept in about 45 minutes then got up and took Hiker for a morning walk around our community. It was totally cloudy and we even got some big rain drops while we were out, but all that did was make it humid. When we got back home we had some poached eggs for breakfast and then I headed over to Sam's Club. The sun peeked through the clouds around 12:30 but it stayed cooler than the past few days. The sun didn't stay out very long and around 3 pm my power went off, but came right back on within a few seconds. I'm wondering if maybe there was a lightning strike somewhere that cause it. I lost my Internet for awhile too. Today is my brother Keith's 58th birthday.

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  1. HAPPY birthday to your brother. My power went out at 2pm and it's still off.


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