Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Take It Easy Day

Didn't do much today. After Hiker and I got out of bed we headed out to get my lottery tickets. Came back and made some pancakes for breakfast then did some laundry and vacuumed. Played out in the yard a little with Hiker and her ball. Got an email from Keith. He said he was feeling a little better but that his fever is still going up and down, but now it stays down around 101° instead of 102.5°. Maybe the antibiotics are finally kicking in. I sure hope so. Got up to around 95° here today. I didn't turn my A/C on until after 2 pm. Been trying to lose it less but I do turn it on when I think it's getting too hot in the house for me and Hiker. INSP TV was having a “Waltons” marathon, so I watched that for awhile and then played some of my Wii Sports games. Need some kind of exercise since we didn't get out for a walk this morning.

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