Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hot Saturday

Got up around 7:30 am and took Hiker out for a walk. It was a beautiful morning with lots of people out. When we came home, I made us some poached eggs and then did a load of laundry. I made myself cry without meaning to. I was going to transfer some old video I had taken on some of Ben's and my vacations up north and so I was going through them on my laptop. Then I saw Ben and heard his voice. There we were together up in the redwoods of northern California. Me taking the video and him being his usually nutty self. I started sobbing and had to stop watching them. This was the first time I'd looked at any of them since he passed away, and obviously, I'm still not ready to look at all of them. I can look at still photos of him and they make me smile, but seeing him moving and hearing his voice....nope, not there yet. It was too hot to go for a walk after lunch...almost 100°, so I took Hiker for a ride in the car. She seemed pretty satisfied with that.

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