Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Interesting Day At Group

I was having the strangest dream last night. I was going somewhere with the ladies from my support group. There were several of us so we were taking more than one vehicle. I usually drive whenever I go with a group but for some reason, I decided to let the others drive this time. It was night time which is strange because I very rarely go out at night. I remember I was ready to go and everyone else was running late and they were just taking their time like we didn't have to be anywhere soon. I decided to ride with Jane and she and I got in her car and headed out. It started to snow. Don't ask me where that came from because we are in SoCal and its summer and in the 100's here. Jane didn't know how to get where we were going and I kept trying to tell her which way to go and she kept doing the opposite of what I told her. The I woke up. It was about 5:30 am so I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until almost 6:30 am. Hiker was sitting on the bed looking at me. I told Jane about this dream before we went into our support group this morning and she just laughed. She thought it was so funny. It was already 70° at that time. Had a lot of people at group today. So full that one guy came in the door saw no seats and turned around and left. We had two more new people today, one woman and one man. They didn't say much. Just said they wanted to just listen, which is fine. After lunch 6 of us plus Gin's caregiver Ann went to lunch at Jimmy Dean's. Always have so much fun when we go out to lunch. All of us say now that we mostly go to group just to go to lunch after. Had an email from Keith when I got home plus he called me to let me know he was doing better. His doctor emailed him that his white blood cell count was getting back to normal which means the antibiotics are working. It was 100° on my patio when I got home.

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