Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Afternoon

Since Jean is driving me to my retinal specialist at Kaiser on Friday morning, she wanted to do our dog walk today instead. So we did the walk and then let the dogs have a play date. Jean wanted me to come up to her house and check the volume on her Time Warner box and DVD recorder. She thought she didn't have something hooked up right, so Hiker and I went over to see what the problem was and fixed that for her. I was a little worried about Keith because I usually get either an email or a text from him each morning and I had not heard anything from him by 11 am so I texted him. He texted back that I woke him up with my text. He took some antihistamine early this morning and it “knocked” him out. After lunch, Hiker and I drove up to Vasquez Rocks. As you know I love that area for hiking and taking photos. It was HOT up there today, but it was actually 7° cooler there than it was at my house, which is surprising since “The Rocks” are more out in the desert than where I live. There was a school bus load of Jewish kids there and they were all over the rocks. I know that they were Jewish because they were all dressed in school uniforms and the boys were all wearing yamaka. I kept thinking that none of them were aware of or watching out for rattlesnakes because they were crawling through the bushes and climbing into the small caves, etc. Hiker let me know when she'd had enough of the heat. She started pulling me and heading back towards the car. When we got back to the car, I gave her some water and then she found the spot in the car with the most shade. She stretched out on the hardwood floor by the front door when we got home.

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