Saturday, July 6, 2013


Stayed in bed until 8 am. Hiker kept bugging me to get up. We went for a morning walk. It was nice out but already starting to get warm. At least there is some shade along the way where we walk. Got back home and started the laundry and had some breakfast. My brother Keith has not been feeling well so he made an appointment with his doctor yesterday. Keith was having pain in his shoulder and they saw that he had a temperature of 101° so they took some x-rays and ran some lab tests. They contacted him later and told him that he has walking pneumonia. They prescribed antibiotics for him and told him to rest. Being his “big sister” I told him he'd better take care of himself and rest like the doctor said so he can get well. Hiker and I went out in the yard to play with her ball after the gardener finished mowing. Even though the thermometer read 90°, it felt cooler than that under our shade tree in the backyard. I texted Keith to see how he was feeling and he replied “not good”. I told him that if it gets worse for him to have someone get him to urgent care or to an ER.


  1. I hope your brother feels better soon. It has been raining here for the past three days, it's
    time to see some sun, but not in the 90's. Lol. Hiker is a beatiful dog. Take care and have a nice day, Jean

  2. Hiker looks cute with her ball. hope your brother gets well soon.


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