Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Overcast Day

When Hiker and I got up, I thought it was really early in the morning because it was so dark in the house, but then realized it was extremely cloudy outside. SoCal does not usually have a monsoon season, but we sure are having one this year. Got up and had breakfast and then took Hiker to get her vaccinations. She was due for the distemper one and the kennel cough on but I also decided to get the rattlesnake booster since it will be due in 3 weeks anyway. They told me that Hiker is getting too fat again. To look at her, she looks muscular and lean but the vet knows better. He said she is the same size from shoulders to rump and she should be narrow at the hip, so he told me to cut her food down about 50%. I know it's my fault because I just cannot resist that cute little face when I'm eating people food and she is asking for a bite, but I will have to stop giving in to her. I really need to cut down on my food too especially since I'm going to make her eat less. When I adopted her, the shelter told me to give her a cup of food in the morning and a cup in the evening, but the vet said to cut that down to half a cup in the morning and half a cup in the evening. She was such a good girl at the clinic. It was crowded this morning and there were several dogs and cats. The other dogs were getting into little fights and making all kinds of noise. She just sat there on the floor watching all of them. She always makes me so proud when she is out in public because she behaves so well. After we came back home, I took her out for a morning walk. It was so humid out that when we got home, I felt like I just stepped out of a sauna. Hiker went out into the backyard and stretched out on the cool cement of the patio. My eye was really bothering me today. I sure hope when I see my retinal specialist a week from tomorrow he can do something more about it. I need to have my camera that zooms ready to go when I'm sitting on the sofa. I missed taking a photo of a Yellow Hooded Oriole that was on my patio at the hummer feeder this afternoon. I have never seen one before. I went to get my camera and it was still there but then Hiker barked and it flew away. I immediately looked online to see what kind of bird it was. Hopefully it will come back.

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