Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Stuffed

Went to my grief support group today at the Senior Center. Had a small crowd as several of our members are on vacation. There was a new woman there that I had never seen before. She was extremely overweight and sat across from me with her legs apart. I have nothing against overweight people because I know how hard it can be to lose weight, but I kept wishing she would sit up because there were a couple of men sitting across from her too, plus I don't think any of us wanted to see her underwear. At least she had some on (LOL). I thought she was very rude. She seemed to think that our session was a “library” as she did nothing but sit there through the entire 2 hours reading a book. Every now and then she would “come to life” and speak in a very overbearing voice, giving people advise on family matters that she knew nothing about. She was telling my friend Jane how to handle her son without knowing the entire story of his problems. After group, a few of us went over to Backwoods Inn for lunch. It was pretty busy today and so it took a long time for the waitress to get to us and take our orders then it took a long time for her to get our checks to us so we could leave. I got home about 45 minutes later than I usually do and Hiker was at the door ready to greet me with kisses. I ate too much so probably won't have dinner tonight.


  1. It's hard to be the new kid on the block. But sitting with your legs open is just rude, you are right.

  2. Sounds like today was a bit of a challenge, my friend, and it also sounds like you handled it with grace. More than the new woman did!! *lol*

    Love~ Andrea


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