Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cooler Weather

My plan for this morning was to take Hiker up to Vasquez Rocks for a morning hike and photograph the sun coming up, but when we got up, it was all cloudy outside. I had a restless night again so was having trouble keeping my eyes open at 6 am when Hiker woke me up to let her outside. Decided to go back to bed for a little while. Slept for about 2 more hours. When we got up again, it was still cloudy so I had to make a decision of where we would go for a morning hike. Thought about Towsley Canyon, but then thought if the sun did come out, there is not much shade on that trail so we went over to Whitney Canyon because there is quite a bit of shade there. I was lucky to find a parking place since they lot is usually full on weekends. There was a fallen tree across the trail about a mile up the trail. It was completely blocking the path. I didn't go into the weeds to go around the tree because there could be snakes or ticks in the weeds, so Hiker and I headed back to the car. It was very humid while we were hiking and the deer flies were eating me alive. The sun peeked out for a little while, but stayed mostly cloudy all day. Did a load of laundry and vacuumed the house when we got home. Hiker stretched out and took a nap. In the afternoon, we went out and sat on the patio. It was about 79° and a nice breeze was blowing. It was still very cloudy. We finally came in because the flies were attacking us.

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