Monday, September 26, 2011

Weather Was Nice, But I Mostly Stayed Inside

Today's quote:

“I often catch myself constantly wondering how you are, sitting alone with my mind set so far, reminiscing about your smile, voice and touch, damn this life... I'm missing you too much!”~Anonymous

I have read that after the 3rd month of losing your spouse the grief is stronger and I agree with that. I know that everything I am going through and everything I am feeling is perfectly normal, so I know not to worry about it, but I just hate feeling this way all the time. About 30 minutes after I got out of bed this morning, I had already had a bout of crying. It was a short one. Cleaned house today and ran a few errands. I called our local waste management. I saw in their newsletter that I could save 20% on my trash bill by turning in my 95 gallon trash container and having it replaced with a 33 gallon container. Since I'm the only one here now, I don't make much trash. A lot of it goes into the recycle container. There have been some weeks where I have not even put the trash container out since there wasn't much in it. I'll save almost $4 per month and since I pay it every 3 months, I'll save about $12 each billing cycle. That will almost get me one month free since the monthly rate will drop from $18 and change down to $14 and change. May as well save money wherever I can. Got up to the mid-80's today. Was able to leave the sliding patio door and the front door open all day and did not turn on the A/C. They say we will be getting warmer again by the end of the week. Too bad because I'm enjoying this cooler weather.

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  1. Sadness is normal,but i agree,I don't want to feel this way. I thought i had gotten stronger,but tonight it is pretty hard again.


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