Friday, September 30, 2011

September Has Come And Gone

Today's quote:

“I'm holding on to something that used to be there hoping it will come back, knowing it won't”~Anonymous

Linda and I had a hike planned for this morning but when I turned my cell phone on this morning there was a text from her telling me that she had a very sore throat and a slight fever so she could not go for the hike. Her boyfriend has been sick almost all week, so she probably caught it from him. So I ran a load of laundry, then sat out on my patio with my laptop for awhile. The weather is nice for that now. Decided to wash both vehicles. There is a chance of rain this weekend, but they were both so filthy that I thought at least if I wash them now and it does rain, they won't end up “muddy” from the dirt that was on them. Plus it gave me something to do this morning. I really need to get the Corolla hand waxed over at the big car wash. Trimmed my hair with my Flowbee. By around 2:00 pm the sun was gone behind the clouds and it started looking like some storms might be moving in. By 3:00 pm it was even darker outside. The change in the weather started making me feel lonely again. I was doing pretty good most of the day. I guess it was because I was keeping myself busy. I just cannot believe that tomorrow is October 1st. I thought Ben would have been home recuperating by now.

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  1. Time seems to fly by,even when we feel sad and lonely.I hope the weekend will be good for you.


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