Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Beautiful Spring Day

My handy man showed up a little after 5:00 pm yesterday. He looked at my roof and told me that all 5 “electrical” vents on my roof need new flashing. That's what I figured was the problem because I could see where the shingles around them are coming up. He said that the original flashing was made of plastic and the sun dries it out and it cracks, then the shingles come loose and the rain gets under the shingles and leaks through the cracks. He said the new flashing is made of metal and will work much better. He also said he noticed a few loose shingles on other parts of the roof that he will replace. He once again told me that I should have at least 5 more years on the entire roof. He checked it all out again and he said that the roof is actually in pretty good condition. He said he'll get the supplies tomorrow after work and then try to do the repairs either Wednesday or Thursday after he gets off work. I think he quoted me a pretty good price. Ben always felt he was reasonable with his prices. Headed over to the Senior Center this morning for my grief support group and then out to lunch with my friend DeDee. Only one other lady joined us for lunch today, but we still had a very nice time. We always end up talking about our husbands. We had a new man in group today. The first hour of our group is for general “emotional support” and the second hour is for “grief support”. We assume he was there for the emotional support as his wife was driving along I5 last Sunday afternoon, had a stroke and ended up in a ditch off the freeway. She is in the hospital and is basically a vegetable. He is struggling with what to do about unplugging her. So much of what he was saying brought back memories of when Ben was in the hospital and I started to cry. I've been doing more crying lately and as I said yesterday, I think it has to do with the fact that Ben's and my wedding anniversary is coming up April 5th. When I got home, Hiker was waiting for her afternoon walk, so I took her out for a short one, but as usual, she was totally satisfied just to go out for a little while. She is such a good girl. 

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  1. Its good that you are involved with a grief group, Kay. You know they can understand those feels of sadness and loss just don't go away.
    I'm glad God has given you Hiker. You two are a wonderful match.
    I will be thinking you on April 5th.

    Be well and happy, you two :>)


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