Friday, March 2, 2012

Lots Of Walking

Had trouble going to sleep last night. Took a sleep aid around midnight. I do that when I get “hyped up”, which I was because of my new “toy” (my iPhone). Keith told me he does the same thing when he gets new “toys”. I mentioned yesterday that besides getting my iPhone that I also got the Verizon home phone device to save some money. I did have AT&T as my home phone provider. It was just a regular “land-line” and it was costing me $40 a month and that included was “local calling”. I had to make a call to my tax man a few weeks ago, so AT&T charged me $1.99 for accessing long distance and then added the “long distance” fees and who knows what else, so it ended up costing me $5 for a 1 minute call to my tax man and I didn't even talk to him as I got his answering machine. Decided I had to do something so went with the Verizon home phone device. It only costs me $19.99 a month and that is unlimited (long distance, voice mail, caller ID, etc.). Was able to keep my old phone number too. Only problem is that you have to wait 2 to 10 days to receive incoming calls because they have to “port” the line over from AT&T. I can make outgoing calls though. I also checked into their Personal Hotspot for the Internet. Decided not to get it yet, but at least found out they do have it. I could get wireless Internet for 5 devices for about $50 a month, which is good to know in case Time Warner and my community do not come to an Internet agreement. What was really nice was that I received a bunch of discounts because I did a “partial bundle” and because I was a retired employee of Lockheed-Martin. Several of you have asked me about the Red Yeast Rice I said I was taking that has helped lower my cholesterol numbers. Several people think it is actually “rice” but it is a soft capsule filled with RYR powder, so it is a herbal supplement. If you Google Red Yeast Rice, you can learn about it. I buy it at either Wal-Mart or Sam's Club because it is cheaper there. My doctor prescribed 1200 mg a day. I take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with dinner. Got the Corolla over to the Toyota dealer by 9:00 am and Keith picked me up. They told me it needed the “major service” as it was supposed to have been done at 80,000 miles and I now have 92,000 miles on it. Told them to go ahead and do it. We came home and took Hiker on a 2.21 mile walk then Keith wanted to go to some Thrift shops. Got a call from Toyota saying that my water pump is leaking, so have to replace that. I'm seeing $$$$ again. LOL. Got an email from Verizon telling me that some of the discounts I applied for on my phone, accessories and services would not be honored because they checked and Verizon will give the discounts to current Lockheed-Martin employees, but NOT to retirees. Oh well, I hadn't really expected them anyway when I walked into the store. After we picked up my car from the dealer, we went over to Central Park and hiked into the hills behind the park. Another 1.73 miles.


  1. I hope you will enjoy your iPhone as much as I do mine.It is so much more than a phone.

  2. All the perks and not so perky in technology is hard to figure out sometime. I sent a new cell phone back recently and ended up having to change my number and now I can't get long distance calls. I'm 'bout ready to drop it and get a new phone from a different service.

  3. Lucky you with a new toy. I hope to get one when we are in USA as they are cheaper there.

  4. I had never heard of the home phone thing!


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