Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Morning Hike With My Doggy

I had originally thought about taking Hiker over to Placerita Canyon this morning for a hike but got to thinking it would be really muddy over there from our latest rain storm because the trail is mostly in the shadows of the canyon walls. So instead we headed over to Towsley Canyon where most of the trail is wide open and right out in the sun. Hiker and I did about 3.55 miles round trip. Hike had to wear her seat belt harness to and from our hike and she still does not like it but she is tolerating it a little more. She did jump out of the car and try to get away from it when I was putting her into it when we were getting ready to head home from Towsley Canyon. Luckily I grabbed her and put her right back into the car. Linda wants Hiker and me to join her on a hike tomorrow morning on the Hummingbird Trail over at Rocky Peak near Simi Valley. She will be here around 7:30 am so I'll have to get Hiker up a little earlier than normal to feed her and get her out to potty. Linda and her boyfriend Manny found this trail last week. I've never hiked it before. Took Hiker out for another short 1 mile walk down to the park this afternoon. That dog sure loves to walk and hike. I don't think she ever gets enough of it. But that's her breeding. They love to be active all of the time.


  1. What lovely hikes you and Hiker take together.
    She's become your constant companion, and is such a beautiful girl.
    A wonderful video, so serene.

  2. Hi Kay, sounds you and hiker had a great hike. Is the Hummingbird trail a place you can hike and see the hummers? That would really be cool. I enjoyed your video. Have a great day!


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