Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rain And The Smell Of Pumpkin Bread

It was supposed to be raining when I woke up this morning but it wasn't. In fact, there were not many clouds in the sky. I went and got my lotto tickets and then came home and made some waffles for breakfast. Since they kept insisting that a storm was coming, I decided to get Hiker out for a walk before it started. We got about a mile from home and I felt drizzle, so we turned around and headed back, but wouldn't you know...the sun came out and was out until about 11:00 when it finally started to rain a little. Vacuumed Hiker's hair out of the carpet and then put the sheets and towels in the washer. Decided to get a section of ham out of the freezer and make one of Ben's favorite meals for my dinner tonight...baked ham and cheesy potato casserole. We used to by a 5 lb canned ham, cut it into thirds and freeze the “hunks of ham” and I still do that. I also made some pumpkin bread. Made the house smell really good. Thought it was a good day to use the oven since it did finally start to rain. Rainy days seem to bring up memories of Ben and me together. Today I kept having flashbacks of he and I on one of our vacations to northern California. We loved Humboldt County. The town of Ferndale, the redwood trees. I'm saddened that I will never see those places again because I could not bear to be there without him, he loved the area so much. I know we really need rain badly here in SoCal, but all rain does is make me cry.


  1. I'm sorry you were sad today, but I'm glad that you have the fond memories. The dinner sounded good. You seemed productive today and like you had a great day despite rain and some tears. Tell Hiker hello and that Tugie was a little sick today but she's better this evening. (Ate something that upset her I think). Ya'll take care!

  2. Sorry you had a sad day. The dinner sounds good...I may have to look up the recipe. I've been trying a few things in the crock pot lately. Hope you have a good week, Sheila

  3. It sounds yummy. Your ham and cheesy potatoes dish. And the pumpkin bread, simply divine. I can almost smell it. I am sorry that the pain of grief is holding you back from revisiting these wonderful places, you and your husband shared. My BFF lost her husband 3 years ago, suddenly. Later this spring she will be going back to Disney World. They had went there on vacation, right before he passed away. When the time is right, you too will be able to go back. Take care.


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