Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Is Here

I have decided to cut back on my dosage of Red Yeast Rice. When my doctor told me to start taking it, he had told me to take 2400mg per day (1200mg twice daily). I didn't start at that because I wanted to see if it gave me the muscle pain and fatigue like it did when I tried it years ago. I started out at 1200mg per day (600mg twice daily) and did that for 2 weeks because it usually took about 2 weeks before I knew if it was going to give me problems or not. When I didn't have the bad symptoms, I doubled the dose to what the doctor suggested. After about 3 weeks of 2400mg per day, I noticed that I was getting lightheaded which is a side effect plus I started noticing some light muscle pain, but I thought it would go away. Now after 5 weeks of 2400mg per day, I am having severe muscle pain and fatigue so I am cutting back to just 1200mg per day to see if that helps. Hopefully it will still help keep my cholesterol number down some. I'm thinking now that the RYR is what has been causing the pain in my back muscles the past week or so. Hiker's intelligence just keeps amazing me. Last night when I went to put her toys in the container, I noticed that her little black and white whale was missing. I asked her where it was and I started looking around the house for it. She too started wandering around looking for it, so I continued to ask her where the whale was. After about 5 minutes of looking, she went into my bedroom, got up on my bed and looked down between the bed and the nightstand (with her butt in the air) and then looked at me. I went to look and sure enough, there was the whale tucked back in the corner between the bed and nightstand. Had a busy morning. After breakfast I cleaned the master bathroom, vacuumed Hiker's hair out of the carpet and then took Hiker for a 1.5 mile walk. It was chilly out during our walk, about 40° or so. I really like my Dyson Ball Vacuum cleaner. It really picks up a lot of dirt and hair and it is so easy to maneuver. Still have not heard anything from the community office as to whether or not they have come up with a compromise with Time Warner about our Internet connection, so I am assuming that means they have not and that I will be looking for a new provider in a few weeks. I would think that if they were close or had come up with an agreement, we would have heard something by now. I'm afraid I'll have to go with AT&T and their DSL because I doubt my landlord will let any other company use his cable system if he won't let TW use it, so U-Verse is out. I'm trying to find out if Verizon has a DSL because I'd prefer doing business with them, but I need a DSL that does NOT require a live phone jack because I no longer have live phone jacks. I don't think the Verizon MiFi Hotspot is a good idea because it would not give me enough usage for an entire month. It's not really fair that the landlord is taking away our right to decide who we want for our provider, but it is his underground cable system. I just realized today that 2 weeks from this Thursday (April 5) would have been Ben's and my 32nd wedding anniversary. I remember last year Ben was in ICU and was unconscious the entire time I spent with him on our anniversary :'-(

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