Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Busy Day With Keith

After breakfast today we headed out for a 2.5 mile walk with Hiker. It was a little overcast when we left. Once we got home, Keith and I headed out to do some errands. Made an appointment for Hiker to get groomed Friday afternoon. She is NOT going to like me when she finds out what I've done. They told me it would take 2 to 3 hours and that since she will be new to them, they will let me stay for awhile to make sure she is not going to freak out. PetSmart told me I definitely could NOT stay with her. I stopped by Goodwill Store #3 here in our valley but they didn't have any pants I liked in my size. Keith and I had lunch at Dinks New York Deli. Always good food there. My new Verizon Home Phone Connection was totally activated this morning. Now I hope I don't continue to get billed from AT&T. Verizon told me that they contacted AT&T to close my account with them. Hope they really did. Was in the mid-80's here today, but tomorrow they are saying we may get a little rain. We are having my version of “Nachos” tonight for dinner. Keith will be heading home tomorrow morning when I head over to my grief group. We are getting ready to head out on our second walk of the day right now.

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  1. Sounds like a good day. I find it difficult to find pants I like. I had my favorite ones at Penney's and now that brand is no longer made. I've not found a good substitute. I like cotton twill (similar to khaki material). It's just hard to find a good fit. That is what I wear to work b/c it's casual but not too casual. Have a good day!


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