Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rain, Rain & More Rain

Woke up to wind and rain. We have not had a good rain all season, so we really needed this. Hiker didn't like it though because it meant she had to stay inside the house except to go out for potty breaks. Had a grief attack last night. I think they are starting to come more often again because I'm have memories of this time last year when I was running back and forth between home and the hospital and certain discussions with doctors and memories of Ben being so helpless keep coming back to me. The rain started coming down harder after breakfast. I went to put my load of laundry into the washing machine and I kept thinking I heard water dripping. Sure enough, I went into the kitchen and discovered the roof is leaking and there is water dripping in from one of my fluorescent light fixtures. I ran and got a bucket and called my handy man Daniel, who lives and works here in my community. He knows just about everything there is to know about how to repair/work on these manufactured homes. He told me that he will try to get over here as soon as the rain stops which may not be until tomorrow or Monday. He fixed a leak that was near my chimney last year and it seems OK now as I don't see or hear it leaking near the fireplace. I know the leak didn't start until the wind and rain got harder. The drip is right over where I prepare my meals and when I was fixing breakfast, it was not dripping. I had to put a sponge in the bottom of the bucket because the drip, drip, drip of the water was driving me crazy. This was the kind of thing I have been dreading since Ben passed away because if Daniel feels I may be needing a new roof, I have to make the decision all on my own. Watched movies all day...”The Color Purple”, “Twister” and “Phenomenon”, some of my favorite oldies. I think “Twister” was the last movie Ben and I ever saw in a theater together. It was either that or “Outbreak”. We gave up on going to theaters years ago because there were not that many movies we were interested in seeing plus they charged way too much and we preferred renting movies in the comfort of our own home. Hiker is so smart! Every now and then I count her toys to make sure she has not misplaced any. She knows the “names” of all of them. I noticed her little “fuzzy bone” was not in the living room so I started looking for it and asking Hiker “where is your fuzzy bone”? Hiker ran into the computer room, jumped down between the ottoman bed and the window and grabbed the fuzzy bone. She knew exactly where it was and what I was talking about.

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  1. Dogs are so cute when they know what you are talking about and respond to you. Hiker is really smart. Hope that leak wasn't to hard to be repaired. Helen


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