Saturday, March 24, 2012

Roof Repairs DONE!

Cloudy and gray this morning. I did a load of laundry and then sat back with the TV and my computer to wait to see if my handyman and his crew showed up to do the roof repairs before the next storm rolls in tomorrow morning. Had not heard anything from him by 9:30 am so I gave him a call and he said they would be here between 10:30 and 11:00. They showed up around 10:00. Hiker was afraid of the noises they were making on the roof. She could not figure out what all the commotion was. She tried to find somewhere to “hide” in the house but everywhere she went, the noise was still there. Glad my gardener was able to get here today. Last weekend it was raining so he didn't come and the grass was getting pretty tall. My gardener is the uncle of my handyman. The roof was all finished by around 1:30 pm, so I took Hiker out for a walk right after they left. She had been such a good girl all morning, I thought she deserved to get outside for awhile. Now let's see if the rain really does come.

Here is a photo of the new vents they installed. They replaced 5 of them. These are made of aluminum. The old ones were plastic.


  1. Hope your repairman did a good job. Sometime its hard to find the right person here in our small town to do certain repairs.

  2. I bet it feels good to have this job completed.

  3. It feels good to have a job finished. I could do with a gardener and a handyman. Send them over here.

  4. My kitty Mira runs and hides when she hears LOUD noises outside, too. POOR Hiker. Glad your roof was finally finished. The vents look good. take care.


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