Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is It Summer In SoCal?

Got up around 7:00 am and decided to head over to William S. Hart Park again, this time for a hike. We headed up the Bison Road and over the top of the mountains behind the park, a total of 2.53 mile walk. Hiker loved it. We came home and left Hiker in the house and headed up to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wanted to check out the Dyson Ball Vacuum. I saw that they had it for $499 but when I got there, found out was on sale for $449, plus I had a 20% off coupon, so I saved a total of $140 on it. I have to take it out of the box in awhile and see how it works. We brought the vacuum back home and checked on Hiker, then we went over to Arby's and had lunch. Came back by home again to love on Hiker a little bit before we headed out again. Keith wanted to go World Market to pick up a bag of free coffee he had gotten for being a member of their coffee club. From there we stopped by two Goodwill stores. With this economy, it seems a lot more people are shopping there. I started checking out the clothes and found two pair of corduroy jeans. I'd been looking for them at the regular retail stores and no one carries them anymore. Got both pair for right around $12. Pretty good deal I thought. Then we came back home and took Hiker for another 1.48 mile walk. We were going to do 2 miles but it was 88° so we turned around and came back home. Saw the first blooming California Poppies and took a photo of them.


  1. A great day, Kay! You must be staying fit with all your hikes. Love the poppy flowers. Have a Happy week ahead.

  2. Another busy day.Good for you.I love the California Poppies.


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