Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Forward

Took Hiker on her morning walk after breakfast. Beautiful morning. Got home and did some laundry. Cannot believe that it is time to change our clocks for Daylight Saving Time”. Since Ben went into the hospital over a year ago, each day has just slipped into the next, and since he passed away, I would not even know what day it is if I did not look at the calendar each morning when I get out of bed. When he was alive and working 3 days a week, I could keep track of the days because of him going to work or not. Did a bunch of laundry today. I have two comforters for my bed...a winter one and a summer one. I always wash them and change them on the weekend that we change our clocks, once for spring and once for fall. Also had an extra blanket on the bed this year because I didn't have Ben to keep me warm, so I washed that so I could put it away too. After lunch, Hiker kept bothering me to take her out for another walk. I guess she knew it was really nice outside. I drove us down to the trail head behind the CVS Pharmacy and we walked a total of 2.01 miles. For some reason, I have noticed that ever since I got those blisters on my feet that when I go walking or hiking now, my feet start to hurt about halfway through the walk/hike. The blisters are healed, but my feet just hurt. Hiker is sometimes afraid of the people riding by on bicycles. She tends to get behind me and sit down and wait until they go by, which is probably a good idea. Came home and saw that my brother Ron had called while we were out, so I called him back and we talked for about 15 or 20 minutes. After that I went around and changed all of my clocks. Ben and I always had a habit of doing it early in the afternoon so we would not forget, so I have continued to do it that way. Having a pizza with a green salad for dinner tonight.

My Iris is blooming. This plant was given to me by my office mates when I retired in 2006.

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