Friday, June 1, 2012

And Still Another Hot Day

Didn't sleep well last night. It was hot (I never run my A/C at night as it dries my sinuses) and someone in the neighborhood was having a party, probably a graduation party. Could hear the “bottom beat” of their music until about 2:00 am. Finally went to sleep but don't know what time it was. Had a bunch of errands to run and since I got up late, I didn't take Hiker right out for her morning walk. Had breakfast and then went to pay my lease and started to head for the bank, but realized I had forgotten my cell phone, so I headed back home to get it, then went to the bank and then to the market to get a few things. When I got home, I took Hiker down to the park just to satisfy her wanting to get out. It was about 9:45 and already 80° so we didn't stay long. Came back home and watered my plants and by noon it was already 90°. It's too bad the mall does not allow any dogs except for service dogs or I could take her there to walk in an air conditioned environment. I was so busy this morning, I forgot to take my blood pressure medications until almost lunch time. Hiker was funny last night. I have my automatically sprinklers set to come on at 9:00 pm. On one of them, the sprinkler head popped off and I had a “gusher” going. Hiker saw it through the sliding door and the hair on her back went up and she started barking at it like it was some kind of a threat to us. Once I went to the garage and turned the water off, she calmed down but wanted to go outside and investigate. Got up to 95° today which was 5° cooler than yesterday, but you couldn't tell. I don't like anything above about 75° myself.

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