Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Year Ago On This Day...

If I counted exact days (not the date), Ben passed away one year ago today. The actual date (June 15) is Friday, but he passed on a Wednesday. Slept in this morning. I think my brother Keith wore me out with all of the walking and hiking (LOL). When Hiker and I did get up, we went for a 1.5 mile walk. It was a little foggy due to a marine layer but it burned off pretty quick. Came home and had breakfast and then I did a little housework. Hiker was out on the patio and she kept barking at me to come out because she wanted to play with her tennis ball. We did that for about 15 minutes and then she decided she wanted to come back into the house. It got up to around 80° today. It was a little breezy too. I took Hiker down to the park around 2:00 pm. Today was the first time since Ben died that I had taken my MP3 player with me on a walk. We stopped to sit under the gazebo and enjoy the breeze and what comes on my MP3? “How Do I Live Without You” by Leann Rimes. I started to cry and I just sat there under that gazebo while that song played and the tears ran down my cheeks. Some songs just get to me that way. I'm looking forward to watching the 2-hour premier of the new “Dallas” tonight on TV. I hope it's as good as the old “Dallas”.

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  1. Thanks Kay for visiting my blog. I've been meaning to read this post- but I have been quite busy! I'm sure right now is hard for you since it has been a year since your husband died! I definitely know what you mean by songs getting to you in a certain way. I have lots of songs like that which remind me of my dad and it makes me miss him more- I'm sure it is that way for you even more! Great post Kay! thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog!


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