Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday

Keith and I took Hiker for a 1.5 mile walk early yesterday evening. We walked through Discovery Park and there was a guy down there flying a big kite and Hiker spotted it up there in the air. She started watching it and then the hair on her back stood up and she started growling. She did not stop watching that kite the entire time we were walking. Silly girl. Today was the annual community yard sale here in Canyon View Estates. I never participate by selling anything but Keith, Hiker and I walked around looking at everything everyone was selling. This place is a circus when they have the sale every year. That gave us a 2.3 mile walk this morning. I received an email from where I share my photos online. I was using their free service but now they are telling me that if I don't start paying for their service that they will start deleting my photos. I'll have to share more of them on Facebook I guess. But I wonder if FB will eventually start charging us for storing our photos. We went to lunch at Arby's and then we headed over to Sam's Club for me to pick up some things. Only got up to around 78° or 80° today. We went out in the afternoon and sat on my patio for awhile.


  1. your blog..There was some talk about FB making changes and starting to charge for things but it turned out to be false.

  2. That temp. sounds pretty good. It is really heating up here. We have to stay in, in the afternoons.

  3. I read about your photo storage. Have you checked out Flickr? You can store all the pictures you want for free,they are never deleted.For a minimum price per year you have complete access to all of your pictures. I use this site and find it to be really good.


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