Tuesday, June 5, 2012

♪♪♪It Was A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood ♪♪♪

What a beautiful morning it was outside when Hiker and I walked down to the park before I left to go to my Grief Support Group. It was about 58° and a little breezy. The sky was very blue and the mountains were so clear that they looked close enough to reach out and touch. Grief group was crowded today. Seems like more people are starting to come every week. Edwin (the obnoxious guy) did not show up this week. We were saying maybe because of the way we all treated him last week, he decided not to come, but who knows? After group, several of us went over to Hometown Buffet for lunch. From our group was me, DeDee, Linda, Carol, Jane and Gin. Linda Pippin has her grand-daughter visiting this month from Arizona, so they came over and joined us. On my way home, there was a really bad accident on Soledad at Ruether, so I had to take a detour through some side streets. It's a good think Ben had taught me different ways to go around town so I know which way I can go to avoid heavy traffic when possible. When I got home, Hiker kissed me a lot and then I took her out for a short walk. Only got up to 75° today. Wish it would stay this way all summer, but I know it won't. I ate too much at Hometown Buffet (LOL).

Took these photos this morning when I took Hiker to the park before I went to my group.

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