Monday, June 4, 2012

My Article In "The Mighty Oak"

My friend Linda Pippin suggested awhile back that I write an article on widowhood for "The Mighty Oak" which is the monthly newsletter at the Santa Clarita Senior Center. I wasn't going to write it at first, but then decided to give it a try. This month (the first anniversary of Ben's passing) they printed it in "The Mighty Oak". The link below will take you to the newsletter and if you go to page 7, you will see my article under the menu. They also want me to write a few more articles to follow-up on my story.

A Widow's Journey


  1. This is a well written article. That first anniversary is scary. my experience was that the days leading up to that day were worse than the actual day.Maybe I was all cried out by then,,I don't know.

  2. It was a beautiful article. It was nice to point out that everybody grieves in their own way. So many expectations about healing when one confronts this kind of loss. I am glad you have worked through it and are going to be okay. I think writing suits you well. Take care.

  3. I agree with Ruth... very well-written article. You certainly are an encouragement to others who are going through the same thing, OR you a good reminder to someone like me to appreciate every day of marriage. Thank you SO much for sharing your story.


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