Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Late Posting This

Today being Tuesday, I would normally go to my Grief Support Group at the Senior Center, but last evening, the therapist who leads our group called me (and all of the other members) to let us know that she would not be leading group today because her grand-daughter is graduating. She said she was giving everyone the option of still going and just “talking amongst ourselves” or not going at all. Since Ben's sister and her husband were in town from Las Vegas and had been wanting to get together, I decided to visit and have lunch with them instead of going over to the Senior Center. Got up at 7:00 am and took Hiker out for her morning walk. It was overcast when we went, but then the sun came out right after we got back home. Before the sun did come out though, I got outside and trimmed back my gladiola stalks that had died already. Wanted to get that done while it was still cool outside and so I could get them picked up in with the trash tomorrow. Went to lunch with Ben's sister Donna and her husband Rich. Had a nice long leisurely lunch then came back by my house so Rich could play with Hiker. He lost his dog last year and really loves Hiker. My brother Ron called me while they were here so I called him back after they left. Got up to around 82° here today.

Ben's sister Donna and her husband Rich at Backwoods Inn

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