Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lunch With Old Friends

Stayed up and watched “Dallas” last night. It did not go off until 11:15 pm. It was very good. I just hope they don't “kill off” Patrick Duffy right away since they have his character (Bobby) ill with cancer. My bed felt so good this morning. Funny how sometimes when I go to bed at night I cannot go to sleep because I cannot get comfortable, but in the morning, the bed always feels so comfortable I don't want to get out of it. Ben's sister Donna called me last night. She and her husband are in town again. Their second grand-daughter was born yesterday. Their son lives here in Santa Clarita. Took Hiker in the car with me to get my Lotto Ticket for Saturday and then when we got home, I took her for a walk. There was a thick marine layer, so it was overcast and humid outside this morning. My good friends Karren and Wally Meggitt came by today and we went to lunch over at Stonefire Grill. I worked with both of them for many years and Ben and I used to do things with them as “couples”. We even went on vacation twice with them to Ben's an my favorite place in northern California. Wally keeps telling me that when I'm ready, he and Karren will take me and Hiker up north again sometime in their fifth-wheel. Hiker enjoyed playing with Wally. He loves dogs and he tossed her tennis ball for her and wrestled with her. She loves that. Got up to about 80° here today but didn't feel really hot because it was still hazy from the marine layer we had this morning. Tomorrow, the actual date of Ben's passing, my friends DeDee, Linda, Judy Holdt and Judy Arbogast are going with me to have lunch at Ben's favorite steakhouse.

Hiker looking at herself in the bathroom mirror

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