Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Local Hometown Buffet Closes

Now walk for Hiker this morning as I had my Grief Group today and I don't like getting all sweaty before I go to group. Our group was kind of small today, but that obnoxious guy showed up again and now he is bringing his daughter with him. But she's seems OK. She even gets fed up with him and tells him to be quiet now and then. After group, I went to lunch with three of the ladies in the group (DeDee, Linda & Carol). We went to Red Robin. I got home around 2:00 PM and took Hiker out for a short walk around my gated community. It was hot out there...about 85° so we didn't stay out too long. For those of you who sometimes meet with our “retired ladies” at the Hometown Buffet here in Santa Clarita, I found out today that it closed down. I guess it closed last week sometime. They already took the sign of the building. I guess I'm not surprised because their food was not that good anymore and they were kind of expensive.

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  1. We had a Hometown Buffet on the side of San Antonio nearset our town but it closed several years ago. We had a Golden Coral right up the street here and that building has been vacant for years. Don't know what the problem is maybe the price of food.


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