Saturday, June 16, 2012

Didn't Do Much Today

Well I survived yesterday. Felt very tired last night when I went to bed at 9:00 pm. I think I fell right to sleep, but I still wake up several times a night. I recall that I was having a strange dream when I woke up around 6:00 am but now I don't remember what it was about. After I fed Hiker and let her out for potty, we went back to bed for about 45 minutes more. I was going to stay in bed longer, but Hiker wanted me to get up and until I do, she will not leave me alone (LOL). Headed out for our morning walk, but the whole time I was walking, I kept feeling like my lower back was about to go out. It's been feeling that way for a couple of days now. I was doing my laundry this morning and I decided to wash a couple of Hiker's toys. When I took them out of the washer to put them into the dryer, she kept barking at me because she wanted her toys. I really need to watch what I'm eating. I have gained back all 25 lbs. that I lost when Ben was in the hospital and when I didn't eat after he died plus my pants are starting to feel pretty tight around the middle. I need to quit eating all of the comfort foods I guess. Hiker is such a good “guard dog”. A strange man pulled up in his car in front of my house and came up to my door and Hiker started barking and got between me and him when I went to the door to see what he wanted. He was looking for someone who lives just down the street from me. If someone comes to the door that Hiker knows, she will bark at first until she see who they are and then she is OK, but with this guy, she never stopped barking. Got up to around 90° here today. I hope tomorrow it's cooler and that my back is not hurting because I want to check out a new walking area for me and Hiker.

My protector

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  1. Hope you figure out what is going on with your back. Do you need to see a chiropractor? Hate for you to get out hiking and have a problem and not be able to get back. So be careful. Hiker is funny, barking at you over the toys. lol She has certainly been a good friend for you. It makes me smile to see such a good relationship b/w someone and their dog. It's like nothing else in the world. My Tugie is my bestest friend!!


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