Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nice Morning Walk At Iron Horse Trailhead

This morning Hiker and I got up at 7:00 am and headed over to the new Iron Horse Trailhead to check out the city walking/biking trail there. The highlight of this area is the old railroad trestle bridge that was build in 1898. There is also a 15 foot piece of art monument called the “Crossroads at Iron Horse Trailhead”. The 15-foot-tall monument showcases three vertical steel beams, each with two arms pointing in the general direction of an assortment of historical landmarks around the Santa Clarita Valley including the Oak of the Golden Dream, Newhall Ranch, Mentryville, Tataviam Indians, Lyons Station and the Golden Spike. We really enjoyed our walk there. We saw a rabbit, a road runner and a squirrel run across the trail but they were so fast, I was not able to get any photos of them. Headed back home around 9:00 am and the temperature was already 80° and by 11:00 am, it was already 90°. I was pretty busy most of the day. After our walk, I did some laundry, uploaded my photos that I took on the walk, vacuumed the carpet, changed the sheets on my bed, had lunch and then gave myself a hair cut with my Flowbee. Waiting for it to cool down some so I can take Hiker down to the park for about 15 minutes.

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