Thursday, July 5, 2012

Boring Day

Hiker did OK last night with the fireworks as long as they were not too close to home. She would growl and bark a little when she heard them, but when the started going off closer to home, she ran into the bedroom and cowered in the corner. I decided to go to bed to calm her down and she got under the covers and went to sleep. She was fine this morning. We went for our morning walk (1.5 miles) and then I had to go to the market to get some things. I had planned on taking Hiker for her shots at the Vet Clinic this morning but decided to wait until next Thursday because she is not really due for them until after July 20th. Still trying to decide whether or not to get her the rattlesnake vaccination. I called my neighbor to try to set up an appointment for Hiker to get groomed, but got her voice mail. Was feeling a little down this morning. Every now and then I get in a “funk” and feel so lonely.

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