Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Typical Tuesday

Slept a little better last night but still was very sleepy when I did wake up. My life is in such a rut that sometimes I feel like just staying in bed all day, but Hiker won't let me (LOL). This morning something reminded me of something Ben did and it made me cry. That is the first time that has happened in awhile. Had a lot of people at group today. Edwin told us about his blind date he had last Thursday. Most of the ladies just tried to ignore him. After group, me, DeDee and Jane went to Round Table Pizza for lunch. Something there didn't agree with my stomach because after I got home, I spent most of the afternoon in the bathroom. Got a call from the Animal Vaccination Clinic telling me that I need to bring Hiker in Thursday morning for her booster shot on her Rattlesnake Vaccine. I'll have to try to get her there as soon as they open at 9:00 am because DeDee is coming over at 11:00 am and we are going to lunch and then she is driving me to an appointment with an ophthalmologist at Kaiser and they will have to dilate my eyes.

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