Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Waiting For The Delivery Truck

Could not get to sleep last night. I have a few things on my mind that kept me from sleeping. Finally took a sleep aid at midnight and then fell asleep around 1:00 am. Got up at 6:30 am because Hiker and I had a dog-walking date with Jean (Hiker's groomer) and her dogs. We walked 1.5 miles around inside our gated community. This time Jean held Hiker's leash but Hiker still got as close to me as she possible could plus if I got too far ahead, Hiker would start yanking Jean down the street to try to catch up with me. We took the dogs back to my house and put the in the backyard to play. Hiker will play with the smallest dog Sassy, but she is still a little intimidated by Charlie and Timmy. Jean helped me move my sofa out to my driveway. It was really very easy. We didn't lift it at all, just pushed it out there. Jean is 65 years old but she's like me...she does a lot of things that most women our age would not even attempt. Jean has never been married that I know of so she's always been independent. I was going to put the sofa on my patio but Jean said we should just put it in the driveway so I don't have so far to move it when Waste Management comes to pick it up. The can't come for 7 days, but I kind of “hid” the sofa from the street with my car so hopefully no one will complain about it being out there. Hiker was out there with us and she jumped up on the sofa and got comfortable. When I took her back into the house she sniffed around where the sofa usually sat in the living room like she could not understand why it wasn't there. Now I hope the delivery gets here this evening. I put a chair from the patio in the living room so I'd somewhere to sit and Hiker took it over.


  1. Great post Kay!! Aww...Hiker is so cute laying on that chair! :) Thanks for sharing your day!!!

  2. Hope the sofa got delivered without any problems. Hiker will LOVe it, I'm sure. throughout his career my husband traveled a great deal. It's amazing what a woman can do when she's alone and has to. You muster the strength of a million men. Take care.


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