Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th/Hiker's Designated Birthday

I was very clumsy last night. Just before going to bed I smacked my little toe on my right foot on the sofa and then when I was getting ready to go to bed, I hit the top of my left foot on the runner of the rocking chair in my bedroom. My left foot doesn't hurt, but when I put my shoes on this morning to take Hiker for a walk, my little toe on my right foot was killing me. I walked Hiker as far as the park, sat on a bench for a little while then headed back home to get my shoes off. I was out in the yard watering my plants and I smelled someone baking cinnamon rolls. They smelled so good. There was a thick marine layer in the air this morning but the sun was out by 9:00 am. Hiker and I stayed inside all day watching TV, playing chase and staying cool. Today being July 4th, I've been thinking about years gone by, when my mom, Ben's mom and Ben were still alive, we'd always have barbecues at Ben's mom's house. Ben's mom made the BEST potato salad in the world. We'd pick up my mom and she'd go with us. Ben's brother and his family and Ben's sister and her family would come and Ben would be the Barbecue King.

The BBQ King

The Birthday Girl


  1. Ouch! Sorry about the toe.

  2. Happy Birthday Hiker....!!
    Enjoy, Mia, Max & Misskitty

  3. A loving nod in memory of The BBQ KING. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HIKER. ENJOY your 4th.

  4. PS) I have had a couple freak accidents myself. Hope that toe feels better soon. take care.

  5. Ouch! Sorry about the toe. Happy birthday to Hiker! Take care, Sheila


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