Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day Out With Friends

This morning there was a light marine lawyer to the west so it was a little humid when Hiker and I walked down to the park. We didn't do our normal walk because I didn't want to get all heated and sweaty before I went to my Grief Support Group. I've stopped taking Hiker on her afternoon walks because the pavement is too hot for her little feet. I've noticed that her paw pads are cracked and rough, so I've been putting Vitamin E and lotion on them to heal them and soften them back up. Tomorrow is America's birthday and I have also deemed it Hiker's birthday since I'm not really sure when she was born. When I first saw her the end of last August the shelter people said that their vet estimated her age at around 1 year old when the first picked her up. They picked her up around the end of July. So I decided that we'd make her birthday July 4th. That way all of American will celebrate her birthday (LOL). So tomorrow she will be 2 years old. Our group was pretty small today. Probably because of this being a holiday week. Edwin (the obnoxious guy) should up and did not utter a word until the end of the meeting when we were all leaving. DeDee and I went to lunch with a couple of the ladies from group (Gin and Jane). They are our “newest” widows in the group. I need to be calling my neighbor to make an appointment with her to have Hiker groomed again this month. I called the vet clinic to find out when would be the best day for me to bring Hiker in for her booster shots. They told me any Thursday is good and to try to come in early, so I'll try to take her either this Thursday or the next. She's not going to like me (LOL).

This morning on our walk

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  1. Happy 4th to you and Hiker and Happy Birthday to Hiker too. Hope you are having a good day today! We are just hanging out at home. :-D I'm ok with that!


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