Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Cold Day In SoCal

Another very cold morning when we rolled out of bed. Got dressed and ready to head out for a dog walk with Jean then the dogs played for about 30 minutes in my back yard. Took Hiker back to Jean's house so she could groom Hiker. I was going to leave and go back to pick her up but Jean had a little trouble getting Hiker into the tub, so I decided to stay and make sure Hiker didn't give her any more problems. Once Jean gets Hiker into the tub, Hiker calms down. It's just getting her in there in the first place. She's always good while Jean is blow drying her. After lunch, I drove Hiker and myself over to the South Fork Trail Head and we did a 3 mile walk. Once again there was an icy cold wind blowing, so it was a little uncomfortable. At this location there is a paved bike/walking path plus a dirt bridle trail. I usually take Hiker on the bridle trail because there are no bikes allowed on the dirt trail so Hiker doesn't have to worry about them coming up behind her and scaring her.

Hiker at the groomer
Walking the South Fork Trail

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  1. Hiker is so pretty, sounds like a great walk. I hope you have a happy weekend!


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