Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long Day

Had to get up at 5:30 am today because I was going to help my neighbor Jean take her little dog Sassy to the mobile clinic to be spayed and we had to be there at 7 am. When we got back home after dropping her off, we took Hiker and Jean's other 2 dogs for a walk. It was not as cold this morning but it was getting very windy. They called Jean around 9:30 and said that Sassy's surgery was done and she was doing well and that we could come pick her up after 10:30. We went and picked her up and she was still groggy from the drugs. I held her on my lap as Jean drove us back home. Sassy kept crying and it made me feel bad for her. I helped get her into Jean's house while Jean was making the other dogs stay away from Sassy. We put her on a dog bed in Jean's bedroom. She was shaking so much and crying. Jean put a blanket in the drying and put it over Sassy because the clinic suggested that would make her feel better. I'm glad Hiker was spayed before I got her at the shelter because I don't think I could stand to see her go through this. I'd be crying right along with her. Got an email from Jane who is a member of my grief support group. One of our other members, Gin, is not feeling well. She did not come to group yesterday and she had emailed me and said she was not feeling well. I guess she is having a lot of pain and her kids have been taking her to the doctors to try to find out what is causing the pain. Hope she will be OK soon. Took Hiker out for a short afternoon walk. It was beautiful out but getting very windy. Since I got up so early this morning, I started falling asleep on the sofa this afternoon. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


  1. While I can appreciate the convenience & (usually) low-cost of those mobile spay/neuter clinics, I always advise people not to use them unless absolutely positively necessary. They are dangerous as the animals are not monitored as they should be, post-surgically.... especially for a spaying which is major abdominal surgery for human or animal. It would be like me getting a hysterectomy in the morning & going home by 10:30am. Possible... of course... but not the method-of-choice.

    Hope all is well with little Sassy & also your friend Gin. I will keep both in my prayers.


  2. I asked the doc for some pain pills when I had our Patches done. I only had to give her a couple. The next day she was jumping up on the couch as though she had never had surgery. I hope Jean's dog does ok.


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