Friday, January 25, 2013

Another "Stay Inside, Rainy" Day

Hiker and I got up early this morning because we had a dog walk planned with Jean. It was cloudy outside, but not raining so I got dressed and got Hiker ready to go. About 15 minutes before we were about to leave, Jean called and said it had just started raining and when I looked outside, sure enough, it was. So no morning walk. Hiker has a new funny thing that she is doing. I have a battery operated clock on the bathroom wall. It has been there ever since Ben and I moved here, so it has been there when Hiker came to live with me. Well last night I was in the living room watching TV and Hiker had gone into the bedroom around 8 pm like she always does to crawl into bed before I do. Suddenly, she was barking. It was a “mad” bark like she has when someone comes to the door. I went into the bathroom and there was Hiker, sitting on the floor, starting at the clock and barking her head off. The clock has a second hand that is constantly moving and I think that was what Hiker notice. I finally got her calmed down, but now, everything she goes into that bathroom, she sits and stares at that clock. Was dark and drizzly all day. These kinds of days make me miss Ben more. I guess it's because I'm just sitting around doing nothing so I think about him more. On sunny days, I feel like getting out and about which helps me to not dwell on him being gone. I could tell Hiker was bored today. She would just wander around the house and come to me and just stare at me. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and she and I can maybe get out some.

Hiker notices the wall clock

Hiker barking at the wall clock


  1. That is so funny. My daughter has a poodle. She started barking at her reflection on the stove door. I mentioned she needs to drape a towel on the door to cut the reflection down. It worked. Now she has got used to seeing herself and has quit barking. Dogs can be so funny.


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