Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today Was A Beautiful Weather Day

Got up early this morning as Hiker and I had a hiking date with our neighbor Jean. We left around 8 am and headed over to Pico Canyon/Mentryville. This area is very historic as it contains the first commercial oil well in the state of California. Mentryville was the old oil town and there are a few old buildings left there. Along the trail into the canyon you can see old foundations, old wooden oil derricks, a “camp” area where the oil workers had an outdoor casino. The card tables and the frame of an old roulette table are still there. We hiked as far as the historic oil well sight. Did a total of about 5 miles in an hour and a half. Headed home and dropped Jean off at her house and then Hiker and I came home and had lunch and relaxed the rest of the day. The afternoon was beautiful. It was in the low-70's with blue sky and bright sun shine. Thought about going out for another walk down to the park, but decided against it because I wanted to upload the photos I took this morning and post them online. Tomorrow morning I have to take Hiker over to the Tags Vet Clinic and get her rattlesnake booster shot.

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  1. Hey Kay!
    What a beautiful walk! I love the shot with the bridges. Take care!
    Kay (Another one!)


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