Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Group & Lunch

It was 24° when Hiker woke me up to go outside this morning. Went back to bed for about 45 minutes. I could not sleep in much today because I had to get up and go to my grief support group over at the senior center. When I got to the center, the parking lot was totally full. I finally found a place to park and found out from some people inside that a bus-load of seniors were going somewhere as a group to protest taxes. Don't really know what it was all about. Group was interesting today, but I was having trouble keeping my eye open because the cold weather makes me so sleepy. After group, seven of us went to have the pizza/salad buffet at Round Table. DeDee bought my meal for an “early” birthday lunch. THANKS DEDEE! One of the guys (Jim) went with us again. We tell him how “brave” he is because he's the only guy with 6 women. Was still cold and windy when I headed for home. Hiker met me at the door land she got so excited, she nipped at my thigh and left some marks, even though I had thick jeans on. She did not really break the skin, but it did hurt and I scolded her for doing it. Being a herding dog, she thinks it is OK to nip when she is playing (or working) because that's what her breed does when they are herding the cattle. After I scolded her, she walked around with her ears down and got up on the sofa next to me and started kissing my hand and barking at me. I figure that was her way of telling me she was sorry. Kept thinking I should take Hiker for a short afternoon walk, but when I went out to put the trash bins out at the curb, the wind just cut through me, so decided to just stay in the warm house.

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  1. Kay, I can just picture Hiker doing exactly that... to apologize. Bless her sweet furry heart! :)

    Sometimes I wonder what good it does to protest anything, you know? I don't think the powers-that-be listen... or even care.



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