Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beautiful, But Lazy Saturday

I was just a little sore this morning from waxing the car yesterday. Hiker and I slept in until about 8 am. She kept bugging me to get up. Put a beef roast into my crock pot and then sat around all morning watching TV. Just didn't feel like doing anything today for some reason. I get those days now and then. They are not like the days I had when Ben first died, but I still just sit around thinking about old times. After lunch, I put Hiker in the car and headed off with the intention of going somewhere that she and I could go for a nice walk, but once I was out on the road, I could not think of anywhere to go, so we ended up heading back towards home, stopping at Discovery Park. Got out and walked her around there for awhile then came back home. It seemed to satisfy her though. She got her car ride that she loves so much and a chance to get out and sniff. I'm thinking if tomorrow is as pretty as today was, I'll take her over to Towsley Canyon in the morning for a hike. The weather here today was 70° and sunny, but it was also still pretty windy. I've been invited to join 2 of my retired friends to drive out to the Ontario Mills Mall (about 70 miles from here) to have lunch with another one of our retired friends who lives in Hemet, CA. The mall is about half-way between where we live and where she lives, so that's where we meet her. I have not seen her in years, so I do want to go, but I just hate to think about leaving Hiker alone at home for 7 or 8 hours. When I go to my grief group and to lunch after, I leave her for about 4 or 5 hours and she does just fine. I know she misses me and hates for me to be out of her site for too long. I will leave her in the house because I don't like leaving her out in the yard when I am not home. I still fear that she might get out of the yard somehow. I'm not really worried about her holding her “potty” because she holds it all night for 10 hours.

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  1. Your day sounds like it was absolutely PERFECT, Kay!! And I find myself wondering if you went to meet your friends for lunch. I don't blame you for not wanting to leave Hiker outside all day. When we had dogs I never did that either... I would have been a basket case until we got home, to make sure they were alright. I don't trust human beings very much & that's why I would never leave them outside while I went somewhere, despite our good fence. Knowing they were in the house, safe & secure, made me feel much better.

    Whatever you decided to do or not do, I hope you had another good day today! I'm still in my nightgown... it got into the single digits last night & now it's only 23 degrees. A good day to stay home & make soup! :)



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