Monday, January 14, 2013


I cannot believe this weather we are having here in SoCal. Woke up to another morning of below freezing weather. Wind was blowing which made it even colder. Went for a dog walk with Jean at 7:15 am and there was ice all over the streets from people watering their lawns. All it did was make ice on their lawn (LOL). We had to be very careful not to slip and fall in the street. The dogs were slipping and sliding, their little legs racing to stay up on their feet. On the morning news, they said that it was 35° in downtown Los Angeles and that made a 22 year low for them. We were around 30° and they said our high today will only be around 47° but that we might be in the low 70's by the end of the week. Jean had a dental appointment this morning, so the dogs did not get to play in my yard after their walk. I took Hiker with me up to Sam's Club. She waited in the car while I went in to do some shopping. By noon we hit 50°...three degrees high than they predicted, but still very chilly for us. Took a cool photo of a humming bird that was out on my patio. Guess it wasn't too cold for him. Did not do an afternoon walk because it was still too cold.

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  1. Wow, Kay, that IS cold for your neck of the woods. Lordy!! Be real careful walking on that ice, ok? It can surprise you & you'll be on the ground looking up... into Hiker's big eyes, no doubt. :)



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