Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold Sunday

Another very cold morning. 25° when Hiker went out this morning. I let her back in and she ran right back into the bedroom, jumped into bed and waited for me to join her, which I did. Didn't do much today. Did some laundry, vacuumed, took Hiker in the car with me to get my lottery tickets. I sure have been having a lot of strange dreams lately. Can never really remember what they are about, just remember that they are strange. At least I am sleeping good now. For months after Ben died, I could not sleep at all. Now I think I'm getting too much sleep (LOL). I have a busy week coming up. My usual dog walks with Jean on Monday and Friday. Tuesday is my grief support group. Wednesday I am helping Jean take her little dog Sassy to be spayed. Thursday is my birthday and my friend Judy is taking me to my favorite stead house for lunch. We are supposed to warm up close to 70° by the end of the week. Took Hiker out for a short walk this afternoon. Still very cold out there. Being born and raised in SoCal, I am not used to the freezing weather. It is NOT normal for us.

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