Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great Hike This Morning

Jean and I headed up to the new Interpretive Center at Vasquez Rocks County Park this morning. Hiker had to stay home because she could not go into the center and it was too hot to leave her out in the car. I felt so bad for her because when she saw me putting on my hiking boots, she started acting like she was going to get to go with me. The center is small but still has some cool stuff in it. Jean and I saw some t-shirts there that we wanted to buy but we were told that the gift shop will not officially open until tomorrow when they have the Grand Opening of the center, so they could not sell any to us yet. We'll just have to go back another time. We hiked on another trail there that I had never hiked before. Came across some historical stuff and some unusual stuff too. We hiked almost 2 miles and then on our way back, saw that they were bringing in bus loads of kids for a tour, so we high-tailed it out of there. Had a really nice time there though. On the way home, we stopped at Der Wienerschnitzel for lunch and then headed home. Hiker still loved me even though she didn't get to go on this hike with us. I promised I'd take her up there again another time. She went up to the mailbox with me and then she “helped” me put the trash bins out by the curb. She does that every week and she acts like she is doing something really important (LOL). Got up to almost 90° here this afternoon and they are saying we will be in the triple digits by the weekend.

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  1. Got a chuckle out of hearing about Hiker and the trash bins. Glad she'll get to hike again soon.


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