Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Very Good Day

Got up just a little before 7 am and headed out for a morning walk. It was beautiful outside this morning. Came home and had breakfast and then headed out for some errands. Today was my “make out like a bandit” day. I've mentioned that I do online surveys and I receive either checks for doing them or I get Amazon eCertificates. Well I had $56 in checks from my surveys, so I headed over to the bank and cashed them and then headed up to Kohl's. I had my free $10 gift card that they had mailed to me last week. I was thinking about buying some tank tops and they did have some on sale, but I didn't see any I liked, so I kept looking around the store and found some patriotic T's on sale for $4.99 each. I got 2 of them which came to $9.98 and since I had the gift card, they were totally FREE! Then I headed over to Stater Brothers to do a little grocery shopping. Since I had the $56 from my survey checks which is basically “free money”, I used it to pay for the $30 on the groceries I bought, so they were Free! That left me $26 and I'm going to have Jean groom Hiker on Friday and she charges $25 so that means I'll get her groomed for FREE! Now that's what I call a good morning. Was so nice outside that Hiker and I sat on the patio for awhile this afternoon. Today would have been my mom's 92nd birthday. Happy Birthday Mom...I miss you.

Chillin' on the patio while Hiker played in the yard

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  1. Looks like a nice cool place to sit out in while Hiker plays. Take care. Jean


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