Friday, May 3, 2013

Lots Of Fires Burning In SoCal

Had a morning dog walk/play date with Jean. It was cool and not windy when Hiker and I crawled out of bed but by the time we got out for our walk it was already getting warmer. Still was not windy but by 11 am it was already about 80° outside. After Jean went home, I made breakfast and then decided to wash the drapes in my master bedroom and the curtains in my master bathroom. Next I need to wash the drapes in the smaller bedroom. Will do that maybe next week. Need to get around to shampooing my carpet soon too. Heard that the brush fire in Camarillo has gotten worse again and is not threatening Malibu. Also heard earlier this morning that a small fire had started just of the 14 Freeway about 5 miles from me, but I think they got it out because have not heard any more news on it and since we don't have any wind here, it would have been easy for them to put it out. Heard at 3 pm another brush fire has broken out in the City of Glendale near Hwy 2 and 134 freeway. Got up to around 93° here so no afternoon walk. Hiker and I are inside with the A/C running.

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