Friday, May 24, 2013

Long Weekend Coming Up

Got up at 6 am and got ready for our Friday dog walk with Jean. I felt better this morning when I awoke. I was watching a movie on Netflix last night and my phone rang just before 9 pm. I saw on my caller ID that it was my brother Ron and I knew something was wrong because he never calls that late in the evening. When I answered, he said “It's me” and I could tell by his voice that something was wrong. I asked him what the matter was and he said “we just had a good sized earthquake here”. I could tell he was a little rattled by it. He is 70 years old and lives alone, so I can totally understand it upsetting him. He lives in Paradise, CA which is in northern California. He told me how it felt. It was the first major one he has felt since 1971 when there was one in Sylmar, CA and he still lived down here in southern California. We found out it was a 5.7 and that it was near a town called Greenville which is about 70 to 80 miles north of Paradise, but the epicenter was actually about 40 miles north of Paradise. We talked for about 15 or 20 minutes until he calmed down some. They have been having small aftershocks all day. After our dog walk and breakfast, I headed up to Stater Brothers to do my grocery shopping. Must have been a lot of people are off work today for the long holiday weekend because the parking lot and store were more crowded than when I usually go. Took Hiker for a 1 mile walk around the community after lunch. Very nice day outside.

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  1. My husband's elderly uncle and aunt lived in Sylmar at the time of that quake. It rattles your nerves for sure. Glad your brother is alright.


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